HARJO NEUTKENS (Vessem, The Netherlands, 1967)

1985-1989 Royal Academy of Arts and Design, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
1989-1990 Faculty of Musicology, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
1992-1997 Early plucked instruments studies (lute, theorbo and baroque guitar) with David van Ooijen and Toyohiko Satoh, Eindhoven and The Hague, The Netherlands

1989 Scholarship received from the Dutch department of culture for the drawings, paintings and sculptures

1990-1991 Trip around the world made possible by a scholarship from the Dutch government.

1986-now Working on a series of drawings, paintings, prints and sculptures
1993-now Working as a lute player in various baroque orchestras, chamber music ensembles, playing concerts and doing radio, TV and CD recordings
2005-2007 Co-founder and PR-manager at Strahlen.org mineralogical database and community
2009-now Manager at Mindat.org, the world’s largest internet based mineralogical and geological community and database.

” ….in de tekeningen word je nergens door afgeleid en raak je verzeild in duizelingwekkende macrostructuren ( die net zo goed microstructuren zouden kunnen zijn, lijkt mij, alles heeft structuur ). De werken blijven helder en overzichtelijk en een beetje matter-of-fact terwijl ze tegelijkertijd duizelingwekkend en hallucinerend zijn en die combinatie werkt precies goed…, althans voor mij.”

“….in the drawings you’re not being distracted by anything in any way and you’ll end up in dazzling macro-structures (that could just as well be micro-structures as far as I’m concerned, everything has structure). The drawings remain clear and a bit “matter-of-fact” where at the same time they are dazzling and hallucinating, and that combination works just right….at least for me it does”

Philip Peters (former editor-in-chief of ‘Museumjournaal’ art magazine)